IRGroup comprising of a number of companies, has diversified its activities in various field from manufacturing to sourcing, international trading to local distributorship in sectors like – RMG, Textile, Health Care, Construction & Advanced Materials.

The mission of IRGroup is to attain a closer match between buyer’s value preference and its capabilities to help them with superior products & services.

IR Group has a clear vision to popularize its activities across the globe by exploring the value opportunity, maintaining true business ethics, and serving the community which eventually will ensure sustainable growth of its consortiums.

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Over view of units:

IRGroup comprising of a number of companies, has diversified its activities in various field from manufacturing to sourcing, international trading to local distributorship in sectors like – RMG, Textile, Health Care, Construction & Advanced Materials. A brief history of the units is as follows-

Company Established in Activities Affiliation with
Sameet Dye-Chem Ltd. 2009 Distributor of Textile Dyes & Chemicals Huntsman (formerly Ciba)
Style Studio 2008 Buying House Auchan, Wal-Mart, Guldenpfennig, Daxson, Ritchie, Jomo B.V. Venca, H.Landers
Shenzhen Winter Wears Limited 1995 Manufacturer of knit Garments Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, USA and UK
Tathir Enterprise 2003 Importer, Distributor & Trader of Cardiac Care Pan Medical -UK, Rontics-SWTZ, Visiomed - US, Gentco Medical- HK, InvetBio-Med -IND
Sameet Health Care 2011 Importer, Distributor & Trader of Hospital Care products ATPL, Suru, Orsin, Puyimed
Al-Wadee Marketing International 2010 Jute & Jute products, leather goods, agro based products, handicrafts & boutique Europe, Far East, Gulf Area & East Asia
TM Business Solution 2011 Importer, supplier & trader of construction & advanced materials


In IRGroup, we understand the meaning of colours and its application since it acts as the perfect inspirational trigger for designs and thoughts. Colours are vital component of this planet, serves as function of expression. It is also a powerful and distinct communication tool. It is tied to religious, cultural, political, social and seasonal influences across the globe. In a nut shell, colours represent us – our way of living, emotions, actions and how we respond to others, their views and ideas. In SDCL we deals with colours in detail; in SS share our knowledge with valued customers and in SWWL, we implement according to the trends.


At SDCL, we care about customer and sensing the urgency of production, we always think it as our own problem to address promptly and most efficiently. As value added service, SDCL also helps customers in smart processing solutions e.g hangtag products – teflon/high IQ and developing relationship between manufacturer and brand/retailer through Huntsman's unique inventions. In SS, we are committed to take any challenges our clients come across and are dedicated to deliver expected results each time with same level of quality, compliance and perfection which has made us preferred service providers in the field. We bring fresh and innovative approach to Garment sourcing business, acting as a seamless liaison and facilitator between Buyers and Manufacturers.


We have a unit SDCL to support the dye house with world leading name 'HUNTSMAN' who are not only in leading position but also works on sustainability in the textile world by utilizing Best Available Technology (BAT). With a growing demand for 'greener textiles', Huntsman offers effect to the brands & retailers that makes garment care easier for the consumer and at the same time reduce the environmental impact.


Being fully aware of 'Responsible Care' initiative, SS encourages and guides to 'go green' by providing technical support to its clients and sharing knowledge of 'how to make processing more eco-friendly' to its vendors/producers/suppliers of the linkages. That is how IR Group is fulfilling its commitment towards society and it's just a beginning for the future generation to reap the benefits of this move BECAUSE we will give YOU only the BEST!


Globally Medical Science, Technology, its application and service as well as Health care service has been developed and modernized tremendously. Simultaneously significant progress has been made in our country towards achievement of Medical and Health care services. The G O B is also interested and enthusiastic to further engage international standards and practice of Medical and Health Care system. But still there are lot of gaps to fill in. We do believe that everyone has the right to access to the development of Medical updates and Health care services. A Hospital offering its services through products and equipments. So, it is most important to have some strong, efficient and updated back ward linkage of the products of its kind to ensure quality Medical and Health Care service. We do believe there is no alternative of quality and international standard for the best performance in this field.


IR Group set a mission to improve patient's safety as well as users safety, increase / standardized quality of care and service with an affordable health care cost for all. To enhance a visible market share in Medical and Health care sector we are introducing, promoting& marketing "Medical & Health Care products" disposable items such as Safety I V Cannula, Infusion set, Blood administration set, Suction Catheter, Ryle's Tube (Stomach tube), Feeding tube, 3 way stop cock, Extension tube with 3 way stop cock, Central Venus Catheter & Vacuum blood collection tube as well as non disposable hi-tech products like Cardiac stent, PTCA balloon, +++ etc.


With association of some long experienced fellow in this field who believe in establishing 4P and 4C components of marketing mix . We also believe in product establishment strategy following F A B (Feature Benefit Advantage) promotion rather than just "go and sale" or row sale approach. We do believe in sharing the expertise and concept. Now we set a mission to bridge the gap of Medical and Health care development in our country regarding global context. We plan and act to bring all the further development & updates of Medical and Health care products and services to the people (Mission). In the long run we hope to go for direct production of its kind with all our expertise and will (Vision).


We would like to march towards millennium development goal with our people and want to be a partner of country's economic value chain. We would like to change conventional concept of business "Business is not the Profit ; Business is a commitment and series of economical activities with ethics and social responsibilities." We always keep in mind our social responsibilities and never ignore business ethics.