IRGroup comprising of a number of companies, has diversified its activities in various field from manufacturing to sourcing, international trading to local distributorship in sectors like – RMG, Textile, Health Care, Construction & Advanced Materials.

The mission of IRGroup is to attain a closer match between buyer’s value preference and its capabilities to help them with superior products & services.

IR Group has a clear vision to popularize its activities across the globe by exploring the value opportunity, maintaining true business ethics, and serving the community which eventually will ensure sustainable growth of its consortiums.


We are selling all kinds of textile dyestuffs & auxiliaries available in Huntsman which are used in the dyeing industry. 
A list with brief features of the textile effect products are as follows – 
1. Dyestuffs 
1.1 Cellulosic 

Solophenyl ® dyes 
Dye type: Direct dyes 

SOLOPHENYL® dyes are suitable for dyeing pale to medium shades, with a robust dyeing system. Economical, complete shade gamut. Superior all round fastness, good light fastness, good light fastness, as well as good wet fastness improved with ALBAFIX® ECO or ALBAFIX® FRD. Additional, some of SOLOPHENYL® dyes with the fixation of ALBAFIX® E can achieve the level of reactive dyes on wet fastness.

Fiber : Cellulose, PES/CEL, Wool/CEL, PAN/CEL, Viscose, and others blends Application : Exhaust for yarn dyeing, piece dyeing, woven fabric, as well as garment dyeing (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Flavine 7 GFE 5000% SOLOPHENYL® Turquoise BRLE 400% (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Yellow ARLE 154% (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Blue FGLE 220% (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Yellow GLE SOLOPHENYL® Royal Blue RFE SOLOPHENYL® Orange TGL 182 100% (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Blue TLE (2) SOLOPHENYL® Orange ARLE 220% (1) SOLOPHENYL® Blue GL 250% (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Scarlet BNLE 200% (1) SOLOPHENYL® Navy BLE 250% SOLOPHENYL® Red 3BL 140% SOLOPHENYL® Brown AGL (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Red 4GE SOLOPHENYL® Brown RL 130% (1) SOLOPHENYL® Red 7BE (1) SOLOPHENYL® Grey 4GLE 300% (1) (2) SOLOPHENYL® Bordeaux 3BLE (1) SOLOPHENYL® Black FGE 600% (1) SOLOPHENYL® Violet 4BLE 250% SOLOPHENYL® Black FR (1) Suitable for ALBAFIX® SYSTEM (focus item) (2) Trichromic system (pale to medium shade)