IRGroup comprising of a number of companies, has diversified its activities in various field from manufacturing to sourcing, international trading to local distributorship in sectors like – RMG, Textile, Health Care, Construction & Advanced Materials.

The mission of IRGroup is to attain a closer match between buyer’s value preference and its capabilities to help them with superior products & services.

IR Group has a clear vision to popularize its activities across the globe by exploring the value opportunity, maintaining true business ethics, and serving the community which eventually will ensure sustainable growth of its consortiums.



Dye type: Reactive dyes (low affinity, for printing0 NOVACRON® P dyes have low affinity and very good washing off characteristics, resulting in reduced back staining. Fiber : Cellulose and blends Application: Printing for knitted and woven fabric NOVACRON® Yellow P-6GS grain NOVACRON® Navy P-2R NOVACRON® G. Yellow P-2RN grain NOVACRON® Black P-GR 150% NOVACRON® Orange P-2R grain NOVACRON® Black P-SG NOVACRON® Orange P-4R grain NOVACRON® Brown P-6R grain 150% NOVACRON® Red P-BN grain NOVACRON® Blue P-3R grain NOVACRON® Red P-4B grain NOVACRON® Red P-6B grain 150%

NOVASOL® - Cellulosic fiber dyestuff

Dye type: Vat dye NOVASOL® dyes can be applied by exhaust and padding methods in the complete gamut of shades, good all-round wet fastness, outstanding light and chiorine fastness and even excellent dead cotton coverage. Fields of application: Cellulosic fibers and their woven fabric blends Properties: Can be applied by exhaust and padding methods. Can be used in yarn, knitted and woven fabric dyeing NOVASOL® Yellow 2G md NOVASOL® Green BF md NOVASOL® Yellow 5G md NOVASOL® Olive B md NOVASOL® Yellow 3R md NOVASOL® Olive 2R md NOVASOL® Golden Yellow RK md NOVASOL® Olive S md NOVASOL® Orange 3R md NOVASOL® Brown BR md NOVASOL® Red 2B md NOVASOL® Brown 2BR md NOVASOL® Red 6B md NOVASOL® Brown R md NOVASOL® Violet BNA md NOVASOL® Navy DB md NOVASOL® Blue GF md NOVASOL® Grey P2R md NOVASOL® Blue RS md NOVASOL® Black B md NOVASOL® Blue CL md NOVASOL® Black R md NOVASOL® Black TS md