IRGroup comprising of a number of companies, has diversified its activities in various field from manufacturing to sourcing, international trading to local distributorship in sectors like – RMG, Textile, Health Care, Construction & Advanced Materials.

The mission of IRGroup is to attain a closer match between buyer’s value preference and its capabilities to help them with superior products & services.

IR Group has a clear vision to popularize its activities across the globe by exploring the value opportunity, maintaining true business ethics, and serving the community which eventually will ensure sustainable growth of its consortiums.

Sameet Dye-Chem Ltd.
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Sameet Dye-Chem Ltd is a private limited company, established in November 2009 to operate distribution centre of a top player in global chemical market. Huntsman, the leading company, supplying dyes and chemicals in textile market of Bangladesh appointed SDCL as its Local Distributor to attend all the core and non-core customers who are having ex-stock support problem and procuring Huntsman products from unreliable & vulnerable sources from the market.

Huntsman entrusted the hands of S. Iqbal Rizvi, the Managing Director of SDCL who has attached with Ciba and then Huntsman for long time. He is an MBA, young, dynamic, very positive in action and has the ability to handle the "back end". His way of thinking, professional success, in-depth knowledge of products and challenging character gained the faith of Huntsman to entrust with. He is involved in many success story of Huntsman’s operation in Bangladesh. Since SDCL started its operation, the growth is rapidly high and SDCL is gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty for its commitment towards business, sincerity and quality assurance. At SDCL, we care about customer and sensing the urgency of production, we always think it as our own problem to address promptly and most efficiently. As value added service, SDCL also helps customers in smart processing solutions e.g hangtag products – teflon/high IQ and developing relationship with brand/retail through Huntsman


To be the customer oriented distribution company who differentiate itself from the others practicing Customer Value Proposition for achieving recognition and loyalty from valued customers.


To effectively synchronize supply-demand gap; to create the bridge between end user & core supplier; implement changes and monitor performance, with the aim of continuously improving our service to the entire textile industry of Bangladesh.


We are committed to build a workforce which displays a high level of initiative and commitment to continued improvements of our facilities and will continue to seek better and improved systems for our customers and staff.


  • Motivated & skilled sales team led by vastly experienced technical director who served Ciba for 25 years!
  • Excellent communication facilities, controlled by WAN and ERP (Software) from Head Office to Distribution Centre
  • Committed to be competitive in rates
  • Adaptability to customer needs & requirements
  • Well equipped Laboratory to provide technical support
  • Sound financial sourcing and adequate stocks of products
  • Strategic Alliance with Agent of Huntsman in Bangladesh

Our Service commitments

  • Reliable and trusted house for authentic supply of Huntsman products
  • Professional, dedicated and self motivated sales & distribution TEAM
  • 24/7/30 service commitment i.e. on demand supply of products as quickly as possible
  • Technical and Lab assistance to non-core customers even!
  • Ware house in conveniently located place of Dhaka to provide quick delivery around the industrial zones
  • Trouble shooting by Local or even Foreign Experts!
  • Best synchronization of supply with your demand by the help of adequate ex-stock support @ the crucial juncture of your production
  • Well defined Customer Value Proposition & we work on it!
  • Create the bridge between end user & core supplier
  • Work honestly with 100% personal attention to achieve customer satisfaction & beyond… customer delights!

Social Responsibility

Being associate of Huntsman Textile Effect, we are working towards a sustainable world largely focused on :

  • Benefiting from the Best Available Technology
  • Measuring sustainability
  • Innovative and sustainable solutions
  • Living up to our motto of sustainable innovation
  • Giving sustainability, the green light